Youth Forum Dialogue Circles – Inclusion, Acceptance & Friendship

Inclusion, Acceptance, and Friendship

  • Similar interests
  • Celebrate birthday parties
  • Therapy dogs bring different people together
  • Singing/walking/exercising with friends
  • Eating out with.
  • Having someone to talk to regardless of “importance”.
  • High school is very “cliquey”, but if you be brave, open up, say “hey”, most often it’s fine and you likely make a new friend. Be confident.
  • Create opportunities at lunch, after-school that provide opportunity for students to have an initial conversation (example: sweets at the quad).
  • Idea – Buddy program for high school like elementary school.
  • Clubs are a good way to develop friendships. Projects help too.
  • Bonding is strong when students walk through difficult, challenging activities, projects, sports, etc.
  • The “hurdle method” being able to overcome hurdles together brings people together.
  • More Camp Everytown.
  • SAT smells bad & is dark.
  • Teachers to have students who don’t normally work together to work together.
  • Teen center at MPCC for HS Students should be drop-in, not membership.
  • Having teen friendly business is important
  • Be that person that says “hi”, muster up the courage.
  • Friendship can help you maintain a balanced perspective in life.
  • Having someone to talk to that does not relate to school or anything that is stressful is important to teens.
  • Important to have a unifying interest to have meaningful friendship.

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