April 20, 2015

Palo Alto Youth Council Meeting #15
April 20, 2015
In attendance:

Max Krawczyk
Emma Chiu
Elinor Aspegren
Sid Sharma
Simran Pujji
Dhara Yu
Michelle Xie
Audrey Cheng
Bryan Owens
Albert Phan

Kevin Ji

Ben Owens
Louisa Keyani

First Order of Business: Nominating Committee

  • Nominations for Nominating Committee:
    • Kevin
    • Elinor
    • Albert
    • Sid
    • Simran
  • Nominating Committee:
  • Will be held in August

 Second Order of Business: Subcommittees

  • May 27, at 5:00
  • Publications
    • Goal, First issue
    • Vision for the Future
  • Suggestion Box
    • Why?
    • Quotes and Vision for Future
  • Student Survey
    • Purpose, how, sample questions
  • Palo Alto Pride
    • Theme, why, purpose
    • How it is being used, vision for the future
  • YFB
    • Why it’s important?/ Flow chart on how it works
    • Impacts
    • Future PAYC actions/Logos of participating businesses

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