October 14

Palo Alto Youth Council Meeting, October 14, 2014

In Attendance:
Elinor Aspegren
Simran Pujji
Deiana Hristov
Divakar Saini
Louisa Keyani
Alec Olmstead
Albert Phan
Dhara Yu
Michelle Xie
Max Krawczyk
Audrey Cheng
Jolie Kemp
Kevin Ji
Bryan Owens
Ben Owens
Meeting Begins: 5:32

First Order of Business: Recap of Minutes

  • Results of survey: Chipotle
  • New Dessert Survey shared on group

Second Order of Business: Strategy

  • Groups met to discuss possible ways of forming group strategies
    1. Max’s Group
      1. Idea Research on computers
      2. Shuffle Groups
      3. Meditation (Emma?)
    2. Elinor’s Group
      1. Audience Suggestion Box
    3. Albert’s Group
      1. Essential questions:
        1. How can we get teen support?
        2. How can we make the council transparent?
      2. Story time
      3. Wikipedia Race
    4. Decisions:
      1. Suggestion/Question Box (Louisa?)
      2. Research
      3. Storytelling
      4. Rotating Posters (Amal will get poster stuff)

Third Order of Business: Homework

  • Max — share ppt
  • Simran — reshare the survey
  • Elinor and Emma — work on Scavenger hunt questions
  • Louisa — bring a suggestion box
  • Amal — bring Chipotle

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