September 29

Elinor Aspegren
Palo Alto Youth Council Meeting
Not In Attendance:
Audrey Cheng
Chloe Sales
Louisa Keyani

Meeting Begins: 5:03

 First Order of Business: Guest Speaker Shannon Merke

  • Bridge Designs
    1. In order to get buzz, came and talked to us
      1. is a bridge that best represents Palo Alto
    2. hoped that she could get info out
    3. all submissions due on Nov. 3
  • Bully Project
    1. mayor’s campaign to end bullying
    2. put on agenda 10/13
    3. focus on large community
    4. taskforce that works with the teens

 Second Order of Business: Retreat

  • Friday, Oct. 17, 6-10
  • Three groups
    1. Logistics (Simran and Sid)
      1. Simran – create food survey
      2. Chipotle, Pizza…..
    2. Strategy (Max)
      1. focus questions
    3. Team Building (Emma and Elinor)
      1. Games:
        1. scavenger hunt
        2. rapid fire
        3. bedsheet
        4. murder

Meeting Adjourned: 5:57

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