December 2, 2015

I. Subcommittee updates

    1. YFB 4th deadline hopefully more submissions
    2. Palo Alto Roots meeting this Friday
      1. Submit anything in writing
      2. Providing food
      3. 12 pages long
      4. Will take submissions and need layout people
      5. Will connect with Pandora’s box about submission ideas
      6. About 15 people will be there
    3. Old subcommittee
      1. Talking with Gunn about PA Pride
      2. Louisa in Climate Committee moving award ahead
      3. Suggestion boxes have to move them and talk to paly administration
      4. Shout out more than an award (casual)
      5. Events
        1. Starting intermural sports
        2. Starting at flex
          1. Basketball work w/pe teachers
    4. Marketing
      1. Not just the same group
      2. Make admin of Payc