February 17, 2016

In Attendance:

Akhil Kumar Jojo Qi Uma Bahl
Albert Phan Kevin Ji Wendy Qi
Alyssa Sales Louisa Keyani
Anyi Cheng Mathew Antony
Audrey Li Michelle Tang
Deiana Hristov Sarah Sundermeyer
Dhara Yu Sid Sharma
Elinor Aspegren Simran Pujji
Elise Most Tara Madhav

I. Forum

    1. Forum notes will be typed and compiled
    2. Forum debrief:

II. Retreat Options

    1. PAYC retreat will be a dinner
    2. Location, time and date have not been decided

III. Subcommittee Updates

    1. Events
      1. Intramural Sports
        1. Already submitted on BSGF and will be starting within 1 or 2 weeks
      2. Youth Ca$h Fair
        1. Working with the chamber of commerce and YFB
        2. Already have 6 businesses
        3. Will be working on logo and posters for the future
        4. Will be getting goodie bags
          1. Wristbands
          2. Keychains
          3. Pens
          4. Stickers
          5. Stamps