January 13, 2016

In Attendance:

Audrey Li Michelle Tang
Dhara Yu Simran Pujji
Elinor Aspegren Tara Madhav
Jojo Qi Uma Bahl
Kevin Ji Wendy Qi
Mathew Antony
Akhil Kumar Alyssa Sales Anyi Cheng Elise Most
Jolie Kemp Sarah Sundermeyer Sid Sharma
    1. Subcommittee Updates
      1. PA roots
        1. Submissions are 750 words max
        2. Can also be art submissions
        3. Submission extended deadline
        4. Publication date pushed back from february
      2. YFB survey
        1. Ada’s Cafe is most youth friendly business
        2. Rosse Linares won raffle
        3. Will send letter to chamber soon
      3. Intramural sports
        1. Sign ups survey coming soon
        2. Got approval from PE teachers
        3. Need money for prizes → applying for BSGF
    2. Forum
      1. Name: Palo Alto Strong: Resilience and Empathy in our Teens
      2. Dialogue Circles
        1. Dealing with Pressure
          1. Kevin, Wendy & Mr. Kitada
        2. Building Strong Relationships
          1. Tara and Dhara
          2. Possible Adult Facilitators: Pat Burt, Principal Diorio, Board Members, Council Members, Mr. Kandell
        3. Tackling Mental Illness and Stigma
          1. Michelle and Mathew
          2. Possible Adult Facilitators: Josh Bloom, Ms. Kalka
        4. Helping  a Friend in Need
          1. Alyssa and Albert
          2. Possible Adult Facilitators: Ms. Thornbush, Goldie Chan
        5. Daily Life Choices
          1. Akhil and Louisa
            1. Possible Adult Facilitators: Cora Ross
      3. Speakers:
        1. Sarah, Deiana and Elinor (Intro)
        2. Simran and Jojo (empathy hour)
        3. Audrey, Jolie, and Anyi as back up (student panel)
      4. Parent Forum
        1. Deiana and Uma
      5. Student/Alumni Panel
        1. Paly Alumni
          1. Jonathan Chiu
          2. Taylor Shue
          3. Christine Fox



    1. Empathy Hour
      1. Student Bands: Raj
        1. Will give them a gift certificate
      2. Finger Painting
      3. Food Trucks/Catering
        1. Buca di Beppo?
  1. Most Likely Schedule for Forum
Time Activity
5:30 pm PAYC members set up
6:00 pm Introduction by PAYC members and Rob
6:30 pm Dialogue circles Rotation 1
6:50 pm Dialogue circles Rotation 2
7:10 pm Dialogue circles Rotation 3
7:30 pm Dialogue circles Rotation 4
7:45 pm Empathy Hour (Band, Food etc)
8:45 pm Student Alumni Panel
9:45 pm Closing Remarks
10:00 pm End/Clean Up