January 20, 2016

In Attendance:

Akhil Kumar Jojo Qi
Alyssa Sales Kevin Ji Uma Bahl
Audrey Li Michelle Tang Wendy Qi
Deiana Hristov Kevin Ji
Dhara Yu Sarah Sundermeyer
Elinor Aspegren Simran Pujji
Elise Most Tara Madhav
Anyi Chen Sid Sharma
Mathew Antony

I. Subcommittee Updates

      1. PA roots
        1. Changed focus away from journalism
        2. Everyone who submits will have at least one piece in it
        3. Please submit either artwork or written piece
      2. Events
        1. Intramural Sports
          1. In the middle of applying for BSGF
          2. Will also start at Paly soon
      3. Old Subcommittee
        1. Will begin Titan Triumph in 4th quarter
        2. Will move suggestion boxes next week
        3. Will come up with a survey by next week

II. Forum

      A. Food

  1. Tava Indian Kitchen with 9 votes
  2. Chipotle with 6 votes
  3. In-N-Out with 3 votes

    B.  Dialogue Circles

  1. Dealing with Pressure
    1. Kevin, Wendy & Mr. Kitada
  2. Building Strong Relationships
    1. Tara and Dhara
    2. Possible Adult Facilitators: Pat Burt, Principal Diorio, Board Members, Council Members, Mr. Kandell
  3. Tackling Mental Illness and Stigma
    1. Michelle and Mathew & Debbie Landi (from CASSY)
  4. Helping  a Friend in Need
    1. Alyssa and Albert & Sarah’s mom
  5. Daily Life Choices
    1. Akhil and Louisa
    2. Possible Adult Facilitators: Cora Ross