January 6, 2016

In Attendance:

Akhil Kumar Dhara Yu Louisa Keyani Uma Bahl
Albert Phan Elinor Aspegren Mathew Antony Wendy Qi
Alyssa Sales Elise Most Michelle Tang
Anyi Cheng Jojo Qi Sarah Sundermeyer
Audrey Li Jolie Kemp Simran Pujji
Deiana Hristov Kevin Ji Tara Madhav
Sid Sharma
    1. Meetings in Janurary
      1. January 13th will be a forum planning meeting
        1. All must attend
        2. Subcommittees required to meet that week as well
      2. January 20th will be City Hall
    2. Subcommittee Updates
      1. PA roots meeting this Friday
        1. Submissions are 750 words max
        2. Can also be art submissions
        3. Submission deadline January 9th
    3. T-Shirt
      1. Color is now white
    4. Forum
      1. Dialogue Circles
        1. Main Topics
          1. Dealing with Pressure
          2. Building Strong Relationships
          3. Tackling Mental Illness and Stigma
          4. Helping  a Friend in Need
          5. Daily Life Choices
        2. Will find adult facilitators by next meeting
      2. Parent Forum
        1. Will have experts talking to parents
        2. Possibly more than one speaker
      3. Student/Alumni Panel
        1. Gunn Students in order
          1. Lisa Hao
          2. Shawna Chen



        1. Gunn Alumni in order
          1. Justin M.
          2. Cat Vople
          3. Julie M.



        1. Paly Students in order
          1. Caroline W.
          2. Joseph Kao
          3. Andrew B.
          4. Aiva P.



      1. Will find Paly Alumni
    1. Empathy Hour
      1. Student Bands
      2. Finger Painting
      3. Food Trucks/Catering