March 2, 2016

In Attendance:

Akhil Kumar Kevin Ji
Albert Phan Louisa Keyani
Alyssa Sales Mathew Antony
Anyi Cheng Michelle Tang
Audrey Li Sarah Sundermeyer
Deiana Hristov Simran Pujji
Dhara Yu Tara Madhav
Elinor Aspegren Uma Bahl
Elise Most Wendy Qi
Jojo Qi
  1. Retreat
    1. Buca di Beppo
    2. Discussion about dates tabled
    3. Will create a poll
  2. PSN Presentation
    1. Sula on the Elevate Youth Voice
    2. Works with District and PSN
    3. Potentially work with PSN for Jobs Fair, Sports Tournament, etc.
  3. Headspace
    1. Dr. Adelsheim presented adapting the Headspace model for Palo Alto
    2. Headspace requires a youth group to lead it which could be PAYC
    3. A survey will be conducted gaging the interest of Headspace in the community