November 12, 2015

In attendance:

Albert Phan Elinor Aspegren Uma Bahl
Akhil Kumar Elise Most Wendy Qi
Alyssa Sales Louisa Keyani Lacee Kortsen
Anyi Cheng Michelle Tang Ashabi Idris
Audrey Li Sarah Sundermeyer Sid Sharma
Deiana Hristov Simran Pujji Dhara Yu


  1. Roll Call
  2. Reports by Subcommittee
    1. Publications
      1. Securing Bryant Street Garage fund, application done
      2. In the process of recruiting staff writers
      3. Need to find a production week
    2. Events and Partnerships
      1. Job Fair – working with YFB
      2. Recreational sports tournament
        1. Unusual sports
      3. Speaker series/TED talks
    3. Awards/Suggestion Box
      1. Uma spoke with Gunn SEC President
      2. Dhara and Louisa spoke with Mr. Bloom, will communicate with student-led Climate Committee
    4. YFB
      1. Meeting with Dawn Billman from the Chamber of Commerce
      2. Job Fair/workshop
  3. Tree Awards Survey
    1. Survey distributed on Facebook – which business do you think is most youth friendly in Palo Alto? (participants entered for raffle)
  4. Forum: Changing the Narrative/Resilience Rally
    1. Date: Saturday, Feb.6 @ 6-10 pm in El Palo Alto room
    2. Dinner
      1. Parcel out $
      2. Refer a friend -> get $1 in food credits or extra raffle ticket
    3. Serious
      1. Panel portion
        1. Student speakers
        2. Questions
        3. Alumni panel
        4. Other speaker
      2. Workshop portion
        1. Lesson on negative and positive media portrayals
        2. Break up in groups – similar to dialogue circles
    4. Fun
      1. Open mic
      2. Art! (finger painting)
      3. Therapy dogs
    5. Separate parent forum
      1. Display results of survey
    6. Overarching
      1. Wall of Stories
      2. Spot awards
      3. Ice breakers
      4. Incorporate ideas from Camp Unity