November 18, 2015

In Attendance:

Simran Deina Wendy
Alyssa Uma Jojo
Tara Albert Dhara
Louisa Audrey Michelle
Anyi Akhil Sarah
Elinor Elise Kevin
Sid (Late)
  1. Roll Call
  2. Announcements
    1. Subcommittees
      1. Publications
        1. BSGF committee representatives will be reviewing the proposal and we will know the results by tomorrow
      2. Events
        1. Working on Sports Tournament and meeting with Chase and other adult representatives
    2. Youth Forum Thursday, 11/19
        1. Good example for our forum (completely youth run)
        2. Learn about what will work well for our forum and invited everyone to come out tomorrow
        3. There will be other forums soon
          1. Paly this week
          2. Flex time next week
  3. Discussion about Atlantic article
  4. Voting on a Logo
    1. Logo 1: based on a tree : 11
    2. Logo 2: based on a carrier pigeon: 5
  5. New Opportunity Sunday Jan 24th
    1. Sustainability and climate action summit
    2. How do we engage the community and the city council
      1. Document on how to maintain a sustainable community (carbon neutrality)
      2. Focus on newer generations
      3. Speakers to large groups and targets to smaller groups
      4. Greenhouse gasses, transportation, water conservation etc
      5. Own all of its utilities, water, gas, electric, waste water and waste
        1. We can control all of our resources
        2. Own lots of energy projects
      6. Planning to reduce 1990 carbon emission 80% by 2050
  6. Forum Planning
    1. Announce Subcommittees
    2. Discussion in these subcommittees


Meeting adjourned 6:00pm