October 14, 2015

In Attendance:

Albert Phan Elinor Aspegren Mathew Antony
Akhil Kumar Elise Most Michelle Tang
Anyi Cheng Jojo Qi Sarah Sundermeyer
Audrey Li Jolie Kemp Simran Pujji
Deiana Hristov Kevin Ji Tara Madhav
Dhara Yu Louisa Keyani Uma Bahl
Lacee Kortsen Ashabi Idiris Wendy Qi
Sid Sharma


  1. Roll Call
  2. Surprise Birthday Song for Tara
  3. Committees-Action plans
    1. Youth Friendly Business
      1. Will talk to Lacee about moving forward with Chamber of Commerce
    2. Marketing
      1. Update all social media
        1. Twitter, Facebook etc
    3. Publications
      1. Get funding for BSGF, meeting scheduled
      2. Get workspace hopefully from PALY
      3. Think of story ideas
    4. Suggestion Box/PA Pride/Survey
      1. Talk to SEC about Titan Triumph
      2. Talk to Student Activities Director at Paly about PA Pride and Suggestion Boxes
      3. Decorate Suggestion Boxes
      4. Work on online suggestion box
      5. Survey event ideas from events committee
    5. Events
      1. Dances and other fun events with TAB
      2. Jobs and Internships fair planning with YFB
      3. School Day Forums?
      4. Evening Forums
        1. Online forums vs. in person
        2. More public, more offensive and ignorant people
  4. PAMF Dr. Gold
    1. Suicide clusters
      1. The media causes suicide due to dramatic headlines
        1. if questions are unanswered
      2. To reduce, must promote healing and avoid myths
  5. T-shirts
    1. Design D wins with 14 votes
      1. Very similar to the TAB’s design
    2. Design A in second place with 10 votes
    3. Design C in third place with 8 votes
  6. Action Items
    1. Decide on dates to meet at City Hall