October 28, 2015

In Attendance:

Sid Sharma Elinor Aspegren Mathew Antony
Akhil Kumar Elise Most Michelle Tang
Anyi Cheng Jojo Qi Sarah Sundermeyer
Audrey Li Jolie Kemp Simran Pujji
Deiana Hristov Kevin Ji Tara Madhav
Dhara Yu Louisa Keyani Uma Bahl
Lacee Kortsen Ashabi Idiris Wendy Qi
  1. Roll Call
  2. Discuss Dates for City Council and Next Meeting
    1. First date for meeting at City Council is January 20th
    2. Next meeting will be Thursday, November 12th, as the community center is closed for Armistice/Veterans Day. Absences for this meeting will not count towards general absence count.
  3. Subcommittee Presentations
    1. Marketing
      1. Decided not to hold an online forum
        1. Anonymity was a big issue
        2. In person would be more “legit”
      2. Marketing this forum in several ways
        1. TBN
        2. InFocus
        3. Principal & Dr. Mcgee
        4. Lisa Hall, Matt Hall etc
      3. Plan to make website more updated and personalized
    2. Publications
      1. Literary magazine will be 24 pages long
      2. Hopes to print 1000 copies
      3. Need to get several things
        1. Logistics of location planned out
        2. Staff for writing the magazine
        3. Story ideas
        4. Section editors
          1. Feature
          2. Open Submissions
          3. Faces in the Crowd
          4. Most importantly let teens say what they want
      4. Print vs. Digital Magazine
        1. Probably can only publish one print version
    3. Suggestion Box/PA Pride/Survey
      1. Work with SEC about Titan Triumph
      2. Modify survey questions, get it out in first semester
    4. YFB
      1. Still have not met with Chamber of Commerce about Tall Tree Award
  4. Forum
    1. Resilience Rally (Q and A)
      1. Get people in the crowd to show that people who suffer are out there
    2. Story Wall
      1. City wide
      2. Photos at Paly
      3. Use forum as a launch off point for story wall
    3. Open Mic
      1. TAC wants to collaborate
    4. How to get there/Logistics involving Time
      1. Right after school?
      2. El Palo Alto Room?
      3. Shuttle from far away?