Retreat Brainstorm Notes – 10/3/15

PAYC Retreat

October 3, 2015

Sub-Committee Brainstorming Session

Surveys, Suggestion Box and PA Pride

  • Surveys:
    • Publish last year’s results formally on PA roots and PAYC website.
    • Use/create new surveys to assess interest in PAYC events (coordinate with Events/Partnerships Committee)
  • PA Pride:
    • Gunn
    • Terman
    • Castilleja
  • Suggestion Box:
    • Make the boxes look better
    • Put them in better places
    • Promote
    • Better forms to fill
    • Online forms (especially at Castilleja)


  • Forums
  • All School dance/events
  • Food festival
  • Winter Formal
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Jobs and internship fairs
  • Small business fair
  • YFB fair for internship opportunities
  • Potluck

Marketing and PR

  • Publicize events
  • Social media
    • Weekly updates
    • Consistency
    • Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter
  • Partner with other subcommittees
    • Publications committee for marketing
  • Host online forums
  • Help host events (PR)


  • Results from surveys
  • Stuff that’s happening in PAYC
  • Interview people (especially community leaders)
  • Forum
  • Stories of people who are not stressed and have seen the light
  • Stuff from suggestion box
  • Events that are happening
  • Meeting minutes
  • Repost school publications
  • Interview school admin
  • Instagram
  • School newspapers to post ideas

Youth Friendly Business

  • Kickoff event (invite businesses, youth and potential businesses to raise awareness and spread interest?
  • Partner with other committees
  • Identify businesses that are potentially in the program
  • Town and Country
    • Discounts, pre made meals for students
  • Los Altos downtown, downtown PA, Piazzas
  • Make it easier for businesses to participate
  • Work directly with businesses
  • Bigger companies
  • Small businesses at PAYC events (booths, food, activities, music)
  • Small business fair and farmers market
  • Phone app- business alerts for youth