September 23, 2015

In Attendance:

Albert Phan Elinor Aspegren Mathew Antony
Akhil Kumar Elise Most Michelle Tang
Anyi Cheng Jojo Qi Sarah Sundermeyer
Audrey Li Jolie Kemp Simran Pujji
Deiana Hristov Kevin Ji Tara Madhav
Dhara Yu Louisa Keyani Uma Bahl
Lacee Kortsen Ashabi Idiris Wendy Qi
Sid Sharma


  1. Roll Call
  2. Introduce Akhil
  3. Retreat Day
    1. After much debate, the retreat was scheduled to be on October 3rd from 6pm-10pm at the Teen Center
  4. Retreat Planning
    1. Food
      1. Chipotle is the food that will be served with 19 votes. It won over In N Out with 10, Panda Express with 5 and Baja Fresh with 3
      2. Drinks of some sort will be decided in the future
      3. Make your own Ice Cream Sandwiches will be served as dessert with 17 votes. It won over ice cream cake with 12 votes, Cream with 10 votes, brownie with 4 votes and fruit platter with 4 votes. Future polls about flavors of ice cream and toppings will occur in the future.
    2. Icebreakers
      1. The goal is to be able to play at least 3 of the following 4 games
      2. Towel Name Game
      3. Neighbor Game
      4. 4 Corners
      5. Triangle Psychic Game
    3. Dialogue
      1. Break into groups of 3
      2. Break into 7 different groups and each has a focus question
        1. Survey/Suggestion Box
          1. What should we do with the information we have collected?
        2. Publications
          1. How do we find stories?
          2. How do we increase readership?
        3. Marketing/PR
          1. How can we work with our partners?
          2. How can we brand ourselves?
        4. Events/Partnerships
          1. How can we create events and partnerships?
        5. Youth Friendly Business
        6. Palo Alto Pride
          1. How do we continue to make this more well known and develop this idea?
        7. Current Issues in the Community
          1. What is an issue that the community is facing?
      3. Everyone will rotate among the stations and write on poster boards
  5. Photos