In order to make the most out of our year in PAYC, we created subcommittees in which each member is part of a group that focuses on one topic. The subcommittees that we created this year are Events, Marketing/PR, PA Pride/Suggestion Box/Survey, Publications, and Youth Friendly Business.


The Events and Partnerships Subcommittee is currently working on a Jobs Fair to be held in May and an intramural basketball tournament to be held at Gunn in the coming months. For more information on both of these events, please refer to the Get Involved/ Upcoming Events page.


The Publications Subcommittee was created to help raise teen voice in the community. This year we created a literary magazine called Palo Alto Roots (PA Roots) which took submissions from all teens in the community. We are currently in the production phase and hope to have our first print issue out by the middle of April.


The Marketing and PR Subcommittee is working on expanding our connection with the broader teen community in Palo Alto. We are in charge of the Facebook page and Instagram.


This subcommittee is a mix of 3 different subcommittees that we had last year. PA Pride is an award system that we hope to put in place in both of the high schools in which teachers award students based on their attitude and personality rather than their grades. In doing so, we hope to encourage discussion between students and teachers. The Suggestion Box part last year created suggestion boxes that were placed in multiple locations at the two high schools. The feedback comes directly to us where we then send it to the intended recipient who could be the School Board, the School Administration, the City Council or the Palo Alto Youth Council. In addition, the Survey part creates surveys that help us assess where we need to focus our efforts and what are problems in the community.


The Youth Friendly Business (YFB) Subcommittee was the project of the 2013-2014 Palo Alto Youth Council. This subcommittee is a continuation on the work that they have done. Our mission is to create more youth friendly businesses in the community to address a survey taken in the 2000s in which students felt that many businesses discouraged teens from applying for jobs or even visiting these stores. We have created an award for the most youth friendly business, and the winner for this year was Ada’s Cafe. We submitted our winner to the city’s Tall Tree Award, but unfortunately, they did not win.